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Month Date Day City State Event Details Link
April29SundayDuluthMNVineyard Church5pm-7pm. Performing for Finals Cram!Info
May03ThursdaySuperiorWISpirit Room - Homegrown Music Festival-Full Band7:45pm-8:30pmInfo
May15TuesdayDuluthMNEcumen-Lakeshore Lutheran2pmInfo
May16WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
June01FridayGonvickMNImagine It! Wildwood Concert Series, Clear Waters Life Center, Trio Show7:00pmInfo
June02SaturdayBemidjiMNLake Bemidji State Park, Trio Show1pm Location TBAInfo
June02SaturdayPark RapidsMNItasca State Park, Forest Inn, Trio Show6:00pm-7:45pmInfo
June03SundayRichmondMNMBOTMA's Homegrown Spring Kickoff, El Rancho Manana, Full Band12:20pm-1pmInfo
June12TuesdayCloquetMNEncore Performing Arts Center, with Sarah Mae & The Birkeland Boys7pm, more details forthcomingInfo
June13WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
June23SaturdayTBAMNPrivate EventPrivate EventInfo
June27WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
July11WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
July15SundayStaplesMNFull Band. Lions Park Summer Concert Series7pmInfo
July16MondayRochesterMNFill Band. Harmony For Mayo Concert Series, Peace Plaza, (Charleston bldg in event of rain)12:10pm-1:00pmInfo
July17TuesdayRosevilleMNFull Band. Concert in the Park, Frank Rog Amphitheatre 2540 Lexington Ave South7:00pmInfo
July25WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
August08WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
August10FridayChaskaMNConcert in the Park, City Square Park7pm FreeInfo
August22WednesdayDuluthMNSir Ben's, 805 E. Superior Street5pm-7pmInfo
September07FridayLittle RockARPrivate EventTBAInfo
September09SundayLittle RockARHouse Concert (Chism)Afternoon. Use Contact Page to inquire --->Info
September13ThursdayBuffaloMOThe Old Home Place Concert Series, Maple & Main7pm Details TBAInfo
September14FridayLupusMOLupus General StoreTBAInfo
September22SaturdayNew York MillsMNCultural Center Concert7pm Doors, 7:30 Concert, other details TBAInfo
October12FridayAustinTXHouse ConcertTBAInfo
October13SaturdayHoustonTXHouston Folklore Society's Second Saturday SeriesTBAInfo
October14SundayWaxahachieTXLive in the Music Room Radio Show2pmInfo
October17VariousVariousMBTwo week Manitoba, Canada Tour - Details will follow by June 2018Show Dates/Locations will be posted by June.Info
January03ThursdayPensacolaFL(2019) WUWF's RadioLive!TBAInfo
February25MondaySarasotaFLSarasota Folk Club, Feature Act, Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Longboat Key7:15om Open Mic, 8:30pm FeatureInfo
April27SaturdayWrenthamMAOCC Coffeehouse Concert SeriesTBAInfo